Porte de Séoul, Dessin de Taylor, d’après une photographie

The Center for Comparative Studies, included in the Department of Philology and Literary Criticism, was born in 1994 on the initiative of Korean medievalist and comparatist I Deug-Su, director of the Centre from 1994 to 2003.

It promotes research, conferences and publications of Comparative Literature with particular attention to Medieval and Comparative Literature and to the development of Digital Technologies.

The Archive of the Centre (rooms 414 and 415 of the DFCLAM) hosts a temporary storage of books and documents for research as well as educational and scientific purposes. The Archive consists of more than 4000 items, including books, journals, magazine, extracts and digital reproductions.


Research in the Center has earned funding from extra-European entities (Korea Foundation, National University of Seoul), from the EU Commission (two Ariane projects, a TMR Program, and a Creative Culture Program), from the Italian Ministry for Research and University (three PRIN earnings as national coordinator, two more as local research unit, one Interlink project with four foreign Universities), from CNR –  National Research Council (two contributions for Semicerchio plus two for research stages), from Regione Toscana (DAS-MeMo), as well as from other foundations and cultural entities for specific activities.




Prof. Francesco Stella, francesco.stella@unisi.it


Secretary Office

Dr. Elisabetta Bartoli, elisabetta.bartoli@unisi.it



Jae Won Ahn

Antonella Francini

Maria Teresa I-Makinek

Pierluigi Pellini

Niccolò Scaffai

Francesco Vincenzo Stella



Assegnisti: Elisabetta Bartoli, Emmanuela Carbé

Dottorandi: Valeria G. Nitti, Irene Volpi


Head Office

Centro di Studi Comparati I Deug-Su

Department of Philology and Literary Criticism

University of Siena

Palazzo San Niccolò (IV Floor, Room 414)

via Roma 56, 53100, Siena

e-mail contact: centrostudicomparati@libero.it