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Recensione di DUE POESIE POSTUME di Seamus Heaney
This is not my hour di Peter Russell «Let art hide art, dissimulate the truth» (s. 15) della Commedia
di Federico Federici
Jacob Blakesley, Franco Buffoni: the poietic encounter
Gregory Dowling: W. H. AUDEN, The Complete Works of W. H. Auden: Prose: Vol. V 1963-1968, ed. Edward Mendelson, Princeton N.J., Princeton University Press, 2015
Recensione LOOK WE HAVE COMING TO DOVER di Daljit Nagra
Enrico Palandri: DALJIT NAGRA. Look We Have Coming to Dover! London, Faber & Faber, 2007, pp. 55, £9,99. Look We Have Coming to Dover!, la prima…
Philip Morre: RICHARD BURTON, A Strong Song Tows Us: The Life of Basil Bunting,Oxford, Infinite Ideas Ltd. (2013), pp. 618, £30.00.    Basil…
Recensione GIRLIE GANGS di John Whitworth
Gregory Dowling JOHN WHITWORTH, Girlie Gangs, London, Enitharmon 2012, pp. 92, £9.99. John Whitworth’s tenth collection is as enjoyable as the…
Recensione MEMORIAL di Alice Oswald
 Philip Morre: ALICE OSWALD, Memorial, London,Faber & Faber, 2011, pp. 90, £12.99  Even now when a classical education is not so easy to come by, the…
Recensione di THE DROWNED BOOK di Sean O’Brien
Gregory Dowling:  SEAN O’BRIEN, The Drowned Book, London, Picador, 2007, pp. 81, £8.99.             Sean O’Brien is probably fed up with…
Review of OUT OF THE BLUE by Simon Armitage
Gregory Dowling:  SIMON ARMITAGE, Out of the Blue, London, Enitharmon Press, 2008, pp. 63, £8.95.             Simon Armitage has said that being a…
Recensione ESTASI di Carol Ann Duffy
Philip Morre: CAROL ANN DUFFY, Estasi, Roma, Del Vecchio Editore 2008, pp. 184, €13.00Con la sua brillante raccolta d’esordio, Standing Female Nude…
Recensione TEMPO E VIOLENZA di Eavan Boland
Philip Morre;  EAVAN BOLAND, Tempo e Violenza, poesie scelte, con testo a frontea cura di GIORGIA SENSI e ANDREA SIROTTI, Firenze, Le Lettere, pp. 234,…
Review of THE AGE OF AUDEN, Aidan Wasley
Gregory Dowling: AIDAN WASLEY, The Age of Auden: Postwar Poetry and the American Scene, Princeton, NJ, Princeton UP, pp. 280, $35. Adrian…
Helaine Smith:translations of Callimachus and Sappho
Helaine L. Smith They sang “beyond the reach of envy”Callimachus and Sappho In the final lines of Callimachus’ short hymn, “To Apollo,” the poet…
Iwan Llwyd
Philip Larkin
Ted Hughes
review of: Jeoffrey Hill’s Essays
review of: Tony Harrison, “Collected poems” (2007)
review of: Geoffrey Hill “Per chi non è caduto” (2008)
Modernist Dantes
Peter Levy (1949-2007)


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