DAS-MeMo è un programma finanziato per il 50% con le risorse del POR FSE 2014-2020 nell’ambito di Giovanisì, il progetto della Regione Toscana per l’autonomia dei giovani cofinanziato da Regione Toscana.

Launched in March 2018, the project aims to apply data-mining technologies to historical archives, combining the experience of the IT Company QuestIT and the research group on Latin digital philology. DAS-MeMo is the first research project involved in the building of the Eurasian Latin Archive. The Platform will be georeferenced and should allow language and contents exploration for thousands of documents, through: 1) linguistic data to be analysed with computational criteria (TRR ratio, frequency indexes, network analysis, topic modelling, intertextual distance etc.) to locate the relative tresholds for the incidence of author, period and location in a latin document; 2) theme based queries to allow for research within any semantic category of involved texts (religions, law, scientific culture, arts, customs, etc.), as well as how the Far East was perceived in texts (both latin and modern) of western travelers and of “oriental” authors in western languages and in their own mother tongues.