The Virtual Exhibition Lo Studium Aretino del ’200, started in 2008 by a workgroup in the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, led by Prof. Francesco Stella with financial aid by the Province and Municipality of Arezzo, shows a digital guide to the Medieval University of Arezzo in the middle of an historical and cultural path that links educational institutions in the high Middle Age to Faculty refoundation in 1969. The inquiry on one of the first Medieval Universities in Europe is collocated in the historical context of the city in the 13th century and of the cultural development that allowed Arezzo to become one of the most advanced centers of that period in arts, medical science, law and especially in literary disciplines such as rhetorics and linguistics.
The site, whose structure is the one of a virtual exhibition of documents as a tool for scientifical exploration, proposes a synthesis of the most up-to-date research, presented in February 2005 within the celebration of the 750th anniversary of the Statuti – with an edition of the actual Statuti and a magnifiable copy of the original scroll, and includes texts of presentations along with sample videos of all relators’ speeches.


The Virtual Exhibition