The Master in Digital Humanities represents a pilot learning experience: in its eleventh release it prepares graduates of both short and specialized courses to project and implement digital publications of books and magazines, to the encoding of archives, to the creation of digital libraries, to digitization of ancient prints and manuscripts and virtual restoration, to the design of websites for cultural organizations and to cooperation in digital editions of newspapers and with publishers.


  • Digitization of archives and manuscripts: analysis and management of digital documents, descriptive standards and metadata, image tagging, computer based cataloguing, digital libraries, computer based archival, virtual restauration.
  • Text and document edition: digital philology, critical edition of text and documents, computational linguistics, AI methods for document handling.
  • Digital publishing: text digital publishing, project management for publishing processes, e-book, digital magazines and newspapers, e-learning and computer-based learning, multimedia environments, collaborative platforms, social networks.
  • Information Technology: programming, PHP, databases, web design (web sites and web based data management).


Among the partners: Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College (London), École Nationale des Chartes (Paris), Lehrstuhl für Digital Humanities (Leipzig), Université Grenoble Alpes, Monasterium Project –Università Federico II (Napoli), Accademia della Crusca (Firenze), Sismel, Fondazione Franceschini, Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale, Biblioteca Nazionale di Firenze – Servizi Informatici Archivio Storico del Comune di Arezzo, Go Ware (Firenze), QuestIT(Siena), Pearson Italia, Next2.0 (Cortona), Casa Editrice D’Anna, LI.CO.SA (Firenze), Pacini Editore, Le Monnier, Mondadori Education, Loescher, Giunti, Edimill, Zanichelli Editore


Coordinated by

Prof. Francesco Stella,


Responsible for the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics

Prof. Monica Bianchini,



Dr. Elisabetta Bartoli,


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