The Digital Humanities projects are among the most innovative activities of the Center for Comparative Studies:

ALIM Archivio della Latinità Italiana del Medioevo is the largest digital library of Medieval Italian texts in Latin from critical editions and old prints. The texts are encoded in XML-TEI, compliant to international standards. ALIM can be consulted and analyzed by advanced search engines (LEXICON, created by Luigi Tessarolo, designed by Francesco Stella) and by the first open access Lemmatizer of medieval Latin.

Result of an European project and two Italian PRIN, the CORIMU – Corpus Rhythmorum Musicum is the first critical and digital edition of rythmical Latin poems set to music in centuries 4th to 11th, the oldest European “songs” whose music has been preserved in manuscripts. CORIMU can be consulted on line in open access or in paper edition including a CD-ROM (SISMEL 2007): it contains the critically reconstructed texts, the transcriptions of all the witnesses (140) and the photographic reproductions of each manuscript (80), accompanied by an analytical catalogue of the palaeographic, musical and linguistic data that can be largely cross-searched.

The EURASIAN LATIN ARCHIVE, born in 2018 in cooperation with Regione Toscana and with collaboration of scholars from China, Japan and Korea, aims at including Latin texts and document concerning East Asia, both for linguistic and cultural analysis, through semantic data mining and statistical analysis.